Bandish Project Ft.MC Mawali Gondhal Remix DJ NK


Bandish Project Ft.MC Mawali Gondhal Remix DJ NK.

Song Title: Bandish Project Ft.MC Mawali Gondhal Remix DJ NK
Remix By: DJ NK.
Year: 2019


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Mawali talks about the underground, upgrading his skills and upcoming UK gigs.

For some of the alter egos maturing in the badass parts of the city, the attitude was always there. An outlook knotted into being street smart and street wise from years of stoic temperament in the midst of oppression and general contempt.

But they could never put their finger on that feeling or quite understand the need for a channel to direct those energies. Until one day they bump into a Lil Wayne or Tupac Shakur video or witness one of those desi rappers in action in the midst of their hardened environment.

One such artist with a deep root and don’t-give-a-fuck-attitude is Aklesh Sutar, better known on the scene as Mawali. He enforces the “message is more important than the messenger” vibe in his shabby jeans, faded shirt and zany hairdo. Safe to say his head is well endowed with hair and words.

While growing up, Mawali’s skinny frame had put him in the radar of bullies in school and destroying them with his “you pick on me and I fuck you back” wordplays was the start of his foray into rap in the east side of suburban Andheri.

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